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Easter / Salvation Object Lesson

Needed: 2 poster board hearts of identical size (one white, one of a darker color), clear tape. Darker heart should be damaged in some way to represent a sinful heart–torn in places or crumpled up and then straightened back out

I have in my hand a terrible looking heart! (Show damaged heart.) It’s had a lot of damage. This heart represents each of our natural hearts that we are born with. You see, we are all born with the desire to sin. Sin keeps us from being able to know God personally as our best friend and as our perfect father. I’m sure that if I’d ask any of you to name a sin, you could do it. Usually, we would say things like swearing, disobeying our parents or other authority figures, being hateful, talking bad about people. These are what we call sins of commission–sins we act out. But there is another type of sin that many of us don’t know about and that is sins of omission. Omission is not doing something God has told us to do, such as not witnessing, not reading our Bibles, not praying, not being kind. Not doing something God told you to do is sin, too!

When we accept Jesus death on the cross for us and give control of our lives to Him, He gives us a new heart. (Show white heart.) He forgives us of our past sins so that we can get to know Him as our friend and father. The problem we face is that we are still tempted to sin. (Tape the 2 hearts together on one side with a small piece of tape, dark heart behind the white one.) Sin will still try to cling to our lives and take control again. (Flip dark heart back over white heart.) Colossians 3 tells us to get rid of this old self–the life with the sinful, damaged heart–and put on the new self–one that lives a new life in Jesus. If we allow the old self, or old life to come back, it will shut out our new life with Christ. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. (Flip white heart back to front.) Let’s be sure to get rid of both types of sin in our lives–doing what is wrong and not doing what is God has asked. Let’s have a clean heart with a new life so we can really know God!

Copyright © 1993 Alisa J. Linn
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