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Jesus Washes Away Our Sin

You can very easily show children how salvation works with a large clear jar, or other clear glass container, a bottle of food coloring, and chlorine bleach. Start by having a clear glass container about 1/2 full of water, talk about that being them when they are born, they have a clean slate, but the Bible says that ALL have sinned so describe a few different sins and for each one put a drop of food coloring (blue works great) after 5 or 6 sins (drops of coloring) you talk about how now the water isn’t clean anymore, and how are we going to get it clean again, then you talk to them about the plan of salvation, tell them about asking Jesus into their hearts and then to show what happens pour about 1cup of bleach (strait) into the water, in a few minutes the water will turn clear and you can also add more coloring to the water with bleach in it and it will be clear, because Jesus died for all of our sins, talk about confession and telling others and you have gone through the whole plan. Tip for an added effect, right after you pour the bleach in, pray then when the children open their eyes the water will be clear!

Catherine M. Musselwhite



  1. Debbie Ward says:

    I used this and it was terrific! The only change I made was to tell the kids in the beginning with the clear water, that when we are born we are born sinners–and add the green food color then to show we need Jesus right from the start. I know some folks don’t believe that, but that is what I did. I had the kids attention and was able to use it to illustrate salvation clearly!

  2. Ashleigh doss says:

    My bleach is yellow so it’s leaving the water a yellow tint what’s the best to use?

  3. CMIV says:

    Ashleigh, there used to be some bleach that was more clear and less yellow, but I do not know which brand. When I have done this, it had some yellow tint but the obvious contrast still had the impact that was needed to bring across the message. – Pastor Gary

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