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Just A Part

In this lesson I have several items (toys, a bike with handle bar, pedals, and seat missing. A dollar bill torn in half, a football with the air out of it, etc.) I ask if anybody likes to get gifts. Then choose some volunteers. When they come up to the front I give them their gifts. Of course, they don’t want just part of a gift! This leads up to talking to the children about just giving Jesus just part of your heart. For this part of the lesson I bring out a big heart, (I made mine out of a 4 foot piece of insulation sheeting that I painted red and cut in half.) I tell them that Jesus doesn’t want just the part of us that doesn’t mean anything to us. He doesn’t want just part of us. He wants all of us – our whole heart. We end with time around the altar.

Rhoda Jane Sampley

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