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Refrigerator Worship

Object: You will need a picture that a child has drawn, preferably by a younger child that says I love you mom and dad, or something like that.

Hold up the picture and say: How many of you use to or still make picture for your parents? (allow response) Most of us have. Here I have a picture that a little child drew for their mom and dad. When you were younger and drew pictures for you parents they probably looked a lot like this one. Do you remember what your parents would do when you gave them the picture? (allow response) That’s right they would say something like, Honey what a beautiful picture, I love it, and then they would put in on the refrigerator. Even though it wasn’t the prettiest picture in the world it meant a lot to them because you gave it to them, and you did it out of love for them.

In the same way when we worship God we don’t have to be the best singers in the world it just has to be from our hearts. That doesn’t mean we should not try to sing nice for God, only that worship should be from our hearts. Like the pictures we drew for our parents, worship should be us giving our best to someone we love. To God that is a beautiful picture that He would put on his refrigerator!

Brian Gomez

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