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Dr. LoveHeart, Garbage In Garbage Out

I dressed up in a doctors coat, stethoscope, an a afro wig (I purchase alot of costumes and wigs after Halloween when they go on clearance sale), those funny glasses with the built in mustache, and I pinned a paper heart with the name, Dr LoveHeart on it. I asked a couple of teens in the church to help me with this skit, as I am a youth leader for children who are in 1st-6th grade. I had one teen act as a child and the other was the child’s mother. The child entered the room pretending to be shooting at people with her fingers, yelling, "Bang Bang". The child then went around calling the kids in the audience names, like dumby, etc. Finally, the mother jumped up and told the child to stop, but the child wouldn’t. The mother proceeded to tell the child that she was out of control and had to go see Dr. LoveHeart. I had a couple of chairs set up and put a few things up on the wall to make it look like a doctor’s office. The mother brought her daughter to me explaining the daughter’s outrages behavior. I listened to the daughter’s heart with my stethoscope, as I was the Doctor,of course. I made alot of noises and kept saying things like, "Oh, My" & "A Huh" in a funny voice. I then told the mother that her daughter needed emergency surgury right away. I had a table set up with a white sheet, pillow etc. I also had items such as a huge needle that you use to inject a deep fried turkey with, tongs, scissors, and a needle with thread. I had the sheet hiding the daughter’s stomach area but allowed the kids to see the scissors and needle as I pretended to give the daughter a shot and cut her belly open, etc. I talked in a funny voice and explained what I was doing and what I was seeing. I began to take out items, which I had hidden under the sheet. Such as: An R rated video, a bad music cd ( I took a blank cd and wrote the name BAD BOYS on it) , a bling bling that said #1 that belonged to a gangster friend that she had, etc. You can use anything that represents something that would be a bad influence (a picture of a teen idol that is not a good influence and things of that nature). Once I got all the items out, I pretended to sew the daughter up and let the children see the needle and thread go up and down. I talked about how all those things had influenced her in bad ways causing her to behave the way she did, still using my funny voice but being very serious. I then got the daughter off the table and brought her back to the 2 chairs where the mother was waiting. I told them both what I found that had caused such behavior. I gave the daughter a prescription which I explained out loud. It was to read her bible everyday, do a daily quiet time with God, surround herself with other Christians, etc. This really held the kids interest. It was funny but certainly got the point across of how we can be influenced by our culture in negative ways if we aren’t carefully. We need to focus on God and the many tools that he gives us to stay in his word and run the race for Jesus. This was alot of fun to act out and it was great to utilize the teens in the church as well. This lesson can be used for any age group really.

by Adele Thomas

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