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If you were arrested for being a Christian?

Having law enforcement in my family helped out alot on this lesson. On one Wednesday night I started the regular lesson as usual and then during the first part of the lesson I had my uncle (a former policeman-dressed in one of his old uniforms complete with badge and handcuffs) come in and tell me there was a problem. He said there had been reports of "Christians" in the building. I asked the children to raise their hand if they claimed to be a Christian. He then told the children that had raised their hands that they would have to come with him. We took them to another part of the room where we fingerprinted them and took information (name,age, address..etc.) Then I acted as a makeshift "judge" sitting behind a desk that called the children up one by one. They were told that they had been arrested for being a Christian (they all knew by this time that it was part of the lesson of course). They had to provide the judge with evidence that they truly were Christians. As they gave their evidence it was recorded on their card and when they had all finished, the "judge" told them whether or not the evidence they had given was reason enough to be convicted of being a Christian. Some evidence included-"I go to church" "I read my Bible" and so on……the point of the lesson was to make them realize that accepting Christ into your heart is the only way to really be a Christian and that the other evidence, even though most of it was good, was not what makes you a Christian. The kids seemed to really get into it and I think it left a lasting impression on them.

by Becky Carter

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