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God Forgives Us

SUPPLIES: 12" paper heart, marker
NOTE TO THE TEACHER: Cut out a large paper heart. Write "when we say ‘I’m sorry’ to Jesus for our sin" on the heart according to the instructions. Start at the top with the "H" in "WHEN" in the center. Under the "W" write the "W" for "WE." Each letter should be written directly under the letters above. The "S" in "SAY" goes under the "W" in "WE." "I’M" is written to the right of ”SAY." The "S" in "SORRY" is written under and one letter to the left of the "S" in "SAY." "TO" is to the right of "SORRY." The "J" in "JESUS" is under the "S" in "SORRY." "FOR" is to the right of "JESUS." The "O" in "OUR" is below the "E" in "JESUS." The "S"in "SIN" is below the "U" in "OUR." Pin it or tape it to the wall.

Explain to the children that sin separates us from God. Sin keeps us from going to heaven to live with God. Whenever a child lies, disobeys, steals, etc. that child is sinning. No one wants to be separated from God. Children do not want to have sin in their lives. They must get rid of the sin. The heart on the wall says, "when we say ‘I’m sorry’ to Jesus for our sin." That is only a part of the sentence. Let the children offer suggestions as to what the end of the sentence might be. The children did not realize that the end of the sentence was already on the heart. Circle the middle letters, "H E A R S U S", with one big circle from top to bottom. The children can be assured that when they say they are sorry for their sin that God hears them and God will forgive them. When God forgives sin, that sin is completely taken away. After a child has said that they are sorry, they can know that the will not be separated from God, because God has heard them and forgiven them.

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