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Love Came Down

Text- (Matthew 1:21) She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” (New International Version)

Thought starters

Are you ready for the baby Jesus?

Were you ever a baby? We’re you cute? Did people who visited you say, “Isn’t that a cute baby?” You hope so.

People say things like, “He looks like his father. He has his father’s mouth.” Or “She has her mother’s nose.” Who do you look like? Do you look like your Mom, Dad, or both?

Do you think that the visitors who came to visit Jesus said, “Isn’t he a cute baby?” Do you think Jesus was a cute baby? Maybe someone said, “He has his mother’s nose.”

Did anyone know except Mary and Joseph that God was the father, not Joseph? Just Mary and Joseph knew. What do you think happened when someone said, “Jesus has his father’s eyes?” Do you think Mary and Joseph smiled because they knew God was the real father?

What if Jesus really had his father’s or God’s eyes? The words “Love from a baby’s eyes” has a new meaning.

As we get ready for Christmas this week we remember the birth of Jesus. How God, his real father, sent Jesus as a baby filled with love for all people.

When you think about the baby Jesus this week. Let’s wonder if he had his Father’s eyes. Looking around with love for the whole world.

Hymn-“Come, O Long-Expected Jesus” – Charles Wesley

Prayer-Dear God, Thank you for sending your son Jesus down to us. Thank you for your love for us through his eyes. Amen

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Video/Computer Screen-baby pictures

by William Bode

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