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We Must Protect This House

Text (Psalm 84:4) Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you. (New International Version)

Thought starters
There is this commercial on television. I wonder if you have seen it. It is a commercial about a football team and a basketball team. It shows them practicing. The team had a home game and they were told by their coach they had to work extra hard to protect the home field and home court advantage for the upcoming game.

They were wearing a special shirt and pants like the one I have here. It keeps the sweat or moisture off your body when practicing or playing.

At the very end of the commercial it shows the whole team and one player in the middle, probably the captain who yells to the team, "We must protect this house!" Meaning there home field or court.

I wonder if we should have the same saying for church? "We must protect this house!" It sure has to have a good roof to keep the moisture out. It has to have the bills paid. It has to keep us warm in the winter. When we give our offering, we are helping God protect his house.

God’s house also gives you tools to help protect you in life. This shirt is a layer of protection. Like that layer, the Bible stories you hear each week and the prayers you pray are layers of protection. You are here because your parents feel these layers are important for the house or body that God gave you to use on this earth.

When you see that commercial "We must protect this house" remember "God’s House" the home church advantage you hold and with whom you can share it. Also remember the layers of protection God has put in place in you to be a better person.

Hymn-"Come, O Thou God Of Grace"¾ William Evans

Prayer- Dear God, Thank you for offerings that help protect this house. For the layers of stories and prayer you place in our hearts. Amen

Prop-I actually brought one of the shirts. My son had one I could borrow.

by William Bode

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