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Making Right Choices

Ask for a volunteer to come out and be tied to a chair with a piece of rope. Ask for a second volunteer to come out and make an important choice.

Produce a glass of water and a sweet (or other suitable reward). Explain that their choice is In return for this sweet, will you throw this glass of water in the first volunteer’s face? He/she is powerless to stop you, because they are tied to the chair. If they refuse, begin to increase the ‘reward’ on offer – 2, 3, 4 sweets, 4 sweets and a chocolate bar!

If your volunteer refuses to throw the water, tell them they have made the right choice. No matter what ‘reward’ was on offer, it would always be wrong to throw water in someone’s face. State that the Bible teaches us that if we make the right choices here on earth, we will be rewarded in heaven. Give them their reward of sweets and chocolate bar.

If your volunteer says they will throw the water, tell them they have made the wrong choice, and give the ‘reward’ to their intended victim instead.

Note. It is probably better to choose a girl as your second volunteer as, in my experience, most boys are willing to throw water in someone’s face, even in return for one sweet!

Choosing the right friends.

It is important to teach older children especially about the importance of choosing the right sort of friends.

Preparation. Take two pieces of plain white paper, and smear one with a dark jam (e.g. blackcurrant).

Application. Explain that the ‘clean’ paper represents them (hopefully), and the ‘dirty’ paper a friend who does wrong things and gets into trouble.

Ask What will happen when I rub the two pieces of paper together? The possibilities are :- 1. The clean paper will stay clean, and the dirty paper dirty. 2. The clean paper will make the dirty one clean. The dirty paper will make the clean one dirty.

Most children will realise that the third possibility is the correct one. Demonstrate this by rubbing the papers together.

Conclude by saying This is usually what happens if you choose a friend that does wrong things – some of their ‘dirt’ is likely to rub off on you.

by Maurice Sweetsur, http://objectlessons.blogspot.com/

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