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M & M Sunday

Text (Psalm 79:8) Do not hold against us the sins of the fathers; may your mercy come quickly to meet us, for we are in desperate need. (New International Version)

…(Psalm 113:5 & 6) Who is like our God, the One who sits enthroned on high, who stoops down to look on the heavens and the earth? (New International Version)

Thought starters
Today we sang the great hymn "Holy, Holy, Holy." Reginald Heber in 1826, or about 178 years ago wrote that hymn. He wrote it in celebration of Trinity Sunday in Shropshire, England.

Whenever I hear that great hymn I think of two big words we are going to learn about today. They are Merciful and Mighty.

Merciful means full of mercy or kindness or compassion toward an enemy, compassion or kindness towards others especially ones in distress, to forgive.

Mighty means full of might, powerful, strong, of unusual size.

The Hymn, Holy, Holy, Holy reminds us two different times that God is kind, compassionate, and forgiving even toward an enemy. God is also very powerful and strong.

God is kind and compassionate to you and supports you with strength always.

Every time I hear that song I think of the two "M’ words. Merciful and Mighty, it reminds me that it is a special M & M Sunday when we are reminded of God’s kindness, forgiveness, and strength.

I think we need to celebrate this great hymn this M & M Sunday with a little package of M & M’s for each one of you. Maybe it will help you remember God’s Mercy and Might.

Some of us parents need to remember that great hymns like Holy, Holy, Holy should be sung with our mouths, not just read quietly in our hands.

Hymn-"Holy, Holy, Holy" – Reginald Heber (1826)

Prayer-Dear God, We know you are kind and forgiving to us. Thank you for your mighty hand that protects us and for M & M’s that remind us. Amen

Prop-I used a shoebox wrapped in white, with "Holy, Holy, Holy written on the side. Filled with small packages of the Mars candy M & M’s.

Background-Reverend Maurice Fetty of First (Park) Congregational United Church of Christ in Grand Rapids, Michigan always begins the Homecoming Sunday Service in the fall with this great hymn. I knew it was coming and figured both kids and adults would remember M & M Sunday every time they heard this song. (The last line is the M & M slogan revised slightly)

by William Bode

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