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Gilgal – Place of a Victory

Scriptures to study: Joshua 3: 13 – 17; Joshua 5: 9

Objects needed: two equal blue colored strips of pasteboard (15×50 cm.)

Best for grades: 1 – 4

Group size: up to 6 kids

The message: Pick up two volunteers, facing them one another. Hand them the strips. Let the volunteers put the strips on the floor one to another as their ends may coincide. Say: I’m sure most of you know the Jordan River. This blue colored strip represents it. After the children of Israel walked round the wilderness for forty years, God called a man named Joshua to lead the people toward the Promise Land. God wanted to give them freedom so He was prepared for them a land. Tell me what does the word freedom means for you? Wait until children respond. Now to express your happiness of the freedom that Jesus gave to us, jump three times and say: “Jesus makes me free by His blood”.

God wanted Israel to be free from Egypt’s bondage and to may enjoy at having their own land. God led them through the Jordan River and it divided itself supernaturally. Now you volunteers, pull your blue strips to demonstrate how did the Jordan River divided. Wait until volunteers make it. Joshua and his people passed through the river and settled to the other side. They called the land Gilgal. There the Lord gave them a commandment to circumcise themselves for a second time as a sign for their dedication toward Him.

Let the volunteers join the “parts” of the river again. Have the children form a column one after another before the river and say: Now we’ll play a game that is called Gilgal. When I say: “Come out of the bondage”, the volunteers pull the parts of the river and you must respond: “Gilgal”, rushing toward the other side one by one. When I say: “Beware of the river” you volunteers, join the parts of the river, and this will stop the other children of passing it. Ask the children that have been passed the river how does it feel to live in Gilgal. Ask the children that haven’t passed the river about their feelings when they are convinced to stay still before the river. Wait until receiving all the answers. Play the game until all the children have passed the river and settle themselves in Gilgal.

Say: Great! Gilgal was a real place of victory. Now let all the children say: We are more then conquerors!

by Stoyan Georgiev

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