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God of the Incredible

2 Kings 6:1-7; “The company of the prophets said to Elisha, Look, the place where we meet with you is too small for us. Let us go to the Jordan, where each of us can get a pole; and let us build a place there for us to live. And he said, Go.

Then one of them said, Won’t you please come with your servants? I will, Elisha replied. And he went with them. They went to the Jordan and began to cut down trees. As one of them was cutting down a tree, the iron axhead fell into the water. Oh, my lord, he cried out, it was borrowed!

The man of God asked, Where did it fall? When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it there, and made the iron float. 7 Lift it out, he said. Then the man reached out his hand and took it.”

1. God will do incredible things for you! Our God is the God of the incredible! If you have a desperate situation and things look hopeless; your right smack in the center of the place where incredible things happen. No matter where you are or what life has thrown at you, God is there with you. Cry out to God and let Him perform the incredible.

2. God cares for us – even the small things. A borrowed axehead flying off its handle and landing in a lake seems to be such an insignificant thing. But, God cares about the smallest things in our lives. The person in the text couldn’t just go to Wal-Mart and pick up another ax to replace the borrowed one. What could be done? God stepped in and caused an axehead to float! If God cared about this situation how much more the situations you face, even the smallest ones.

3. Trust God to take care of you. God hears your prayers and sees your need. He knows the best outcome. Maybe, there is something in your life that seems like an impossible situation. Ask God for help and see how God will come through for you. He is on your side! Trust Him!

4. God can do the impossible. God still does wonders today. Reach out your hand and grab what God has for you.

5. God wants to use you. God used Elisha to do an amazing thing. God’s primary tool to work through is still people. He can do incredible and impossible things through you. You have the God of wonders dwelling in you!

by Pastor Paul Anglemyer

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