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Church Potatoes

A good text for this lesson would be Revelation 3:15-16.

Bring out a Mr. Potato head and set him in a visible place. Tell the kids that Mr. Potato head is here, but unlike any puppets, visitors, ect. that you’ve had before, he won’t be telling any jokes, or talking to anyone, or telling any stories or anything like that, because …well… he’s a potato.

Begin talking about what a couch potato is, which should be a familiar term to the kids. Then lead into talking about church potatoes. A church potato is someone that comes to church, and usually is pretty well behaved. They’re not loud or disruptive during church. But during music time they either don’t sing, or just sing half-heartedly. And when it’s time to pray, they close their eyes, but just sit there and listen to other people praying. During the week they don’t invite their unsaved friends to church or think much about doing anything for God. (You could probably think of many other ways to describe a church potato.) They don’t act bad, but they don’t try to do anything good either. They just sit there like…(glance at Mr. Potato head, who still hasn’t moved)…like a potato.

When I used this lesson, I ended by asking the kids for their ideas about how to keep from becoming a church potato.

by Sarah Brown

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