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Spike Gets A Brand New Heart

Items needed: (1) XL Latex glove, (1) Small (4 inch) red balloon, (1) large (9 inch) black balloon, needle through the balloon trick, Sharpie marker, lubricating oil and rag

Start by placing the small red balloon inside the large black balloon. Blow up the black balloon some and blow up the red balloon to about 4 inches and tie it off inside the black balloon. Place the black and red balloon inside the XL latex glove. This may take some practice. Blow up black latex balloon until it is about 8 inches and tie it off. Blow up the latex glove pretty large and tie it off. You should have a red balloon inside a black balloon inside a latex glove.

The latex glove is named Spike. Use the Sharpie to make a face for him with the fingers of the glove being his spiked hair.

Use the needle through the balloon trick next. You can penetrate through the tied end or through one of the fingers with the lubricated needle.

Say: 1. The needle represents the Gospel (expand this)
2. Spike is you
3. The black balloon is our heart before receiving Christ
4. God wants to give us a brand new heart (pop black balloon leaving red balloon inside latex glove (Spike)


This will take some practice. When you perform it, have a back-up Spike set up in case something goes wrong.

Make sure to sharpen and lubricate your needle.

Make sure the latex glove is considerably larger than the black balloon, and the black balloon is considerably larger than the red balloon.

by Stephen Harrison


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