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Reflections of the Father

Text (Matthew 5:45a) “that you may be children of your Father in Heaven” (New International Version)

Thought starters
Did you wish your Dad a Happy Fathers Day today?

Do you ever wonder who you look like, your Mother or your Father? Do you ever hear the term “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree?” Or “a chip of the old block?” That is a comment made when someone thinks you act or look like your Father. When an apple falls to the ground it falls below, close to the truck of the tree. You don’t fall far from your tree at home I’m sure.

It’s important on Fathers Day to remember that you have an earthly Father whom you love very much and a heavenly Father who loves you very much.

It’s nice to be complemented that you didn’t fall far from your Dad’s tree. But it is most important that these same friends and family members notice that you haven’t fallen far from your “Heavenly Father’s” Tree either.

What does it mean to act like you are a follower of Jesus? You can be kind to others, to help and serve others. Could somebody tell you are a Christian by what you say and do?

Last week we talked about the reflection of a mirror being on you. Remember in everything you do try to be a reflection of your Heavenly Father. When you look in the mirror see how close to God’s tree you fall.

Hymn-“O God, Great Father” -Samuel Webbe

Prayer-Dear God, help us to be wonderful reflections of your love and grace. Treat others as we would like to be treated. Amen

Prop-an apple

by William Bode

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