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Jimmy and Jack’s Special Class

Text (Psalm 33:12) Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance. (New International Version)

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Have you noticed that there are a lot of television shows and news reports showing places to do with World War II lately? It happened especially around last weekend, Memorial Day weekend. Soon is the Anniversary of what your parents and grandparents call D Day. D Day was a large battle for the liberation of France. Do you see on the globe how far away it was? It was a very sad day but a very important day.

I want to tell you a story about Jimmy and Jack. Jimmy and Jack got up that morning sixty years ago and headed to church for their Catechism class. They biked over to the church in the morning. They headed to their classroom with the other ten classmates waiting for Rev. Brown. When Rev. Brown got to the classroom he wanted to know why all the long and sad faces. Rev. Brown hadn’t listened to the radio for a couple of days and was unaware that the invasion and liberation of France had begun. France was five hours ahead so they were well into the battle. (Most people had radios not television to get their information)

Rev. Brown took the entire class this Tuesday morning and headed to the Bell Tower of the Church. Rev. Brown started to ring the church bell and he kept ringing the bell. Within a few minutes people came to the church from miles around. The farmers, other workers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children they came from all over. Rev. Brown had no plans, no bulletin for a service but they filled the church and spent this time of national concern together in a church. Where they prayed and read from the Bible together.

We learn something very special from Rev. Brown. No matter what we see on television or hear on the radio, whether it’s D Day, September 11th, or another national day of concern, it’s important to come to God’s House, to be with each other and to pray together.

Remember this place is your special home.

Hymn-“Eternal Father Strong to Save” William Whiting

Prayer-Dear God, help us to remember those who died for our freedom. May your Church always be our home in troubled times. Amen

Prop-A globe

Credit-My Father in Law, Edward James Casey Jr. of Kent City Michigan is the Jimmy in the story. His church was Mamrelund Lutheran Church. This very day he is walking the beaches of Normandy with his wife Betts and remembering all those who served and died, and he told me the story of Rev. Brown and the ringing of the church bell.

by William Bode

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