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Prayer I.D.

Text (Isaiah 55:6) Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. (New International Version)

Thought Starters
Today I brought a phone. Do you have a phone like this at home? What does it do? Does it have an answering machine?

This one does have a screen to read the numbers, to make sure you are dialing correctly. Check the volume of the handset. All sorts of things can be done. Phones have really changed in a short time.

Let’s ask the congregation some questions about phones. How many of you remember phones where you had to sit in one place to talk? (Raise your hand) How many of you remember having one phone in the house? How many of you remember having no phone in the house?

See things have changed; now you can have three way calling to add a friend. You can forward calls to another phone. Caller ID.

I remember over hearing someone in an office telling her coworker she was going to go home check her caller ID to find out who called and see if there was someone she wanted to call back.

When I heard that I wondered what if God had Prayer ID? What if God was picking whose prayer to listen to? Or what prayer not to listen to? Does God think "O not Julie again?" God never screens your prayers. Always knows it’s you and is glad to hear from you. You can always talk as long as you want. Nobody else has to use the line. It’s all yours.

God is always there, always listening.

Hymn-"Hear Our Prayer, O Lord" -George Whelpton

Prayer-Dear God, Thank you for always listening to our prayers. And for letting us talk to you as long as we want. Amen

Prop- A wireless phone from home with a readout screen that shows numbers and words. If you don’t have one, I have borrowed a Caller ID box from "Radio Shack" before.

by William Bode

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