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Three Brave Men Show Faith in God

When The Body Moves - The Brain Remembers .. Interactive Stories Series

  1. The Storm at Sea
  2. Three Brave Men Show Faith in God
  3. Jesus and The Ten Lepers
  4. Paul and Silas
  5. Jesus Calls His Disciples
  6. Jesus Saves A Paralytic

ASSIGN PARTS: Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, King, 6 soldiers (one will open door), crowd of people.

DIRECTIONS: Teacher reads the story. Children pantomime what they hear.

The king built an idol of shiny gold and ordered his people to worship the idol. So the people bowed. They all bowed low. But not Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

The three men went to the king. They said, “We will not bow down, though you are the king and you wear the crown. For God has said, “Don’t bow your knee to anything; just worship Me”

The angry king called the soldiers. The soldiers went to the king. The king said, “Throw these three men into the hot furnace!”

Two soldiers took Shadrach. Two soldiers took Meshach. Two soldiers took Abednego. They took them to the furnace door.

One of the soldiers opened the door. Two soldiers threw in Shadrach. Two soldiers threw in Meshach. Two soldiers threw in Abednego.

The king walked over to the furnace. His face looked puzzled. He said, “We threw 3 men into the furnace; now there are 4. Everyone is fine. They’re all walking around.”

Then he shouted into the furnace, “Your God has saved you. It’s time to come out.”

And all the people said to one another, “Look! All the men are okay. They don’t even smell like smoke. God saved them all today.”

© by Betty Robertson
Creative Christian Ministries

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