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How to Trouble your Trouble

I did a series of teaching on How to Trouble your Trouble

I based it on the fact that Jesus said in this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world

I bought three trouble lights that a mechanic would use…..actually I bought them at WalMart, inexpensive yet usable. Then purchased three light bulbs. One green, one yellow and one red. I would use these three trouble lights ( an appropriate name I think ) every class as I taught on how God has a desire to keep us out of trouble or get us out of trouble by the leading of His Holy Spirit. The red, green and yellow lights are familiar to the children as they reminded them of traffic lights, something very common to them. The red light means stop and when you get that red light feeling that you shouldn’t do something then stop and obey…..green means go……if you are asking the Lord if you should speak to someone about Him and get a green light feeling then do it…..and of course the yellow light means caution. If you are unsure of what the Lord is trying to tell about a situation, slow down and wait for the Lord to show you His will for the situation. I used bible stories for each of the lessons. I guess the real fruit came when one day one the children from the Sunday School told me how she was going to ride her skate board to school that day, when she picked it up she got a red light feeling that she shouldn’t ride it that day. She told me that it was a real strong feeling that she shouldn’t use the skate board but she ignored it and on her way to school fell off the skate board and injured her hand severely. While the injury was serious and it had us all praying for her she told me that God was trying to warn her ( red light ) but she refused to obey and ended up hurting herself a lesson leaned that I believe will change the way she listens to the Lord and obeys His leading.
I hope this idea helps others in their desire to teach the word of God to the children in their midst.

Marilyn Schwab
If you would like to ask me more questions about my idea you can e-mail me at m_4him2day@yahoo.ca

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