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Jonah & The Whale (Life-Sized)

Ever wonder what to do with those old syle of buses the insurance agencies cringe to discover you own? Why not take the bus "off road?" Convert the bus to an object lesson for Jonah & The Whale. Simulate, with slime, all the nasty, gooey, smelly things Jonah would have encountered during his stay in the belly of the whale. Use the "Veggie Tales" movie to enhance your object lesson. Develop games and activities around the slimey stomach contents. (If you are very courageous you can even get realistic with the odoriforous contents of the belly.) Use your imagination! You and your workers will have a blast creating it, and your children will be blessed with hours of entertainment WHILE LEARNING ABOUT FOLLOWING GOD’S WILL FOR THEIR LIVES!

by Janet Bowery


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