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One Last Valentine

Text- (Psalm 1:1a) How well God must like you (The Message-Eugene H. Peterson )

Thought starters
Did you have a nice Valentines Day? Do you have one left for me? I cannot believe all the candy you can get for that one day. Did you get some? Was it a heart?

What do you do on Valentines Day? Is that something you do for other kids you like? Maybe older people too? How do you know they like you? Do they give you Valentines too?

Did you know there are Valentines in the Bible? When God gave Moses the Ten Best Ways to Live, they were given to us because God loves us. He gave us the Commandments to show us how to love God and other people.

The very first Psalm, Psalm 1 start outs with, “How well God must like you.”

Jesus reminds us also that the most important law is to Love God above and to Love one another. (Use the cut up heart)

Even though the special day was yesterday. The most important thing you could ever remember is that God loves you more than anything else. Don’t ever forget that. God never will.

Hymn-“Praise Ye the Lord, for It Is Good” – John H. Stockton

Prayer-Dear God, Thank you for your love for us. Help us to love others as much as we love you. . Amen

Prop-A left over Valentine, A heart cut up into three pieces, the bottom half and the top cut into two equal pieces. One the top pieces write “Love God” on one and “Love People” on the other. On the bottom piece write “Because God Loves You.” This is the same demonstration used in the Young Children and Worship Curriculum in the story, “The Ten Best Ways to Live”

William Bode, Director of Children’s Ministries

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