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Opening the story with Epiphany eyes

Text- (Nehemiah 8:5) Ezra opened the book. Every eye was on him (he was standing on the raised platform) and as he opened the book everyone stood. (The Message-Eugene H. Peterson)

Thought starters
Do you have a favorite book? How many times do you read it or have your parents or grandparents read it to you? Lots of times right? You know how the story goes. How it ends. It’s the same way each time.

The stories you have in the Worship Centers are told in the same way. We have our favorites. We have some that we hear for the first time. But God does something special to us whether we are three or one hundred and three. He gives us something different to learn each time we hear or read a story from the Bible.

God gives us Epiphany eyes. He gives us the same story, but we see it differently. Each story we hear has many lessons.

What is the most surprising thing about Epiphany eyes? It happens when you don’t expect it, seeing something different in the same story.

(Example of today’s lesson)

Today you will hear about the Baptism of Jesus, what will you see with Epiphany eyes? John the Baptist, Jesus, the water, the dove, or God’s voice. Maybe your Epiphany Eyes will see some thing else.

Hymn-"Be Thou My Vision" – Mary E. Byrne

Prayer Dear God, Thank you for all of the stories of the Bible. Help us to see them through Epiphany Eyes to learn the lessons you have for us. Amen

Prop-A popular children’s book, Bible

William Bode, Director of Children’s Ministries

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