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The Natural Beauty of Your Church

Text- (Luke 12:34) For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (New International Version)

Thought Starters
We talked last week about those words going around the church. They were Budget, Stewardship, Commitment, and Pledge.

Remember the story last week about the boy who stood in the basket. How he gave his all because he had no money? It is a special day when a person how much to give to God.

Your parents have a Sunday like today when they will make a commitment in terms of how much they will give to the church. It’s called Stewardship Sunday. I prefer to call this Pledge Sunday.

What a better way to understand Pledge Sunday than with this. (Pull out a can of Pledge Furniture cleaner. I either have one inside my suit pocket or have one stashed behind the pulpit or by the piano or organ, pretending it was left by the custodian).

It’s lemon scented. (Spray a little) I’m going to insert the word "church" for the word "wood or furniture" and "pledging" for the word "Pledge" each time I see it when I read the back.

Without regular care, your "church" can begin to lose its natural luster and beauty. Pledging is a formula that helps protect against ordinary wear. It gives your church the care it deserves, bringing out and helping to preserve its natural beauty. It’s good for all types including traditional, contemporary, casual, and marble churches.

To clean and polish your church, and Pledge, simply hold hand (with money) over the surface (Offering Plate or Basket) about eight inches away. (Drop money or envelope in the plate or basket)

The only thing that is different is we must keep church pledging within reach of children.

Hymn-"We Give Thee But Thine Own" – William Walsham How

Prayer-Dear God, Thank you for Pledge Sunday. Guide us, and our parents in giving to you and your church. Amen

Prop-A can of "Pledge" furniture cleaner

William Bode, Director of Children’s Ministries

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