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God’s Protection

This is an illustration that can be used alongside any story of God’s protection You can get a number of different children to participate. All you need is a fairly small coin and a dish.

Explain that the coin stands for you, and the dish stands for God’s protection. State that God’s protection is only a prayer (or a breath ) away.You are now going to demonstrate how the coin can be transported into the dish using only your breath.
Place the coin on the edge of a table, and the dish about 15 cm. away. Blow a short sharp breath just over the top of the coin. (Have a few practices beforehand). Your breath should lift up the coin, and deposit it in the dish. As time permits, allow a few of the children to attempt the feat. The secret is to ensure that you blow horizontally, just over the top of the coin.

by Maurice Sweetsur, http://objectlessons.blogspot.com/


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