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Rooted in God’s Word

Props: Potted House Plant (preferably a plant like a spider plant or similar plant that can be rooted by placing in water and setting in a window), clear glass of water, hairdryer and extention cord.

PowerPoint: To be strong in Lord one must be firmly rooted in God’s Word.

"But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away."

Mark 4:17 NIV


Hold up the houseplant and ask the boys and girls how many of them have plants similar to this in their homes. Ask them if they have ever seen their mother or grandmother break off a piece of plant and put it in a jar or glass of water and put it in the window. At this time, break off a stem and leaf portion and stick in a clear glass with water. Ask the kids if they notice anything different about this piece of plant. They should notice that it has no root. Ask them what will happen if you leave the plant in the water and set in the window to get sunlight for a couple of weeks. Pick up the hair dryer and blow the potted plant to demonstrate that the roots hold the plant in place. Now point the blow dryer at the plant in the glass of water and demonstrate how it gets blown out onto the ground. Explain to the kids that our Faith in God is built and strengthened by being firmly grounded in God’s Word. As Christians we can’t just dip ourselves (hold plant portion and dip it into the glass of water and then take it out) in God’s Word on occasion to grow roots. We have to saturate ourselves daily to allow our faith roots to grow strong. We do this by reading our Bible, meditating on the scriptures, and praying. So when Satan attacks and the storms of life blow, we are not easily blown away or uprooted because our faith in the promises of God’s Word holds us firmly planted.

by Allen D. Thomas

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