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Time Capsule

While reaching the kids in our community we have notice they have very little if any at all Bible knowledge. So we received a telephone booth from a local phone company that was slated for the garbage and we converted it into a time capsule. We have a black curtain in the back of it, a smoke machine in it and a red emergency light on top of it and a strobe light inside on the roof. During our praise time in between the songs the news reporter comes on stage and enters the time machine, the smoke starts, the lights go on with the siren, and the reporter disappears through the back of the phone booth. We sing another praise song and as the song is finishing the red light with the siren blasting comes on and the smoke machine come on and all of a sudden the news reporter and the Bible hero come out. At this point the reporter interview the hero and after about 5 minutes the hero goes back into the time capsule/ machine and disappears. This is a great way too lead into the Bible lesson.

by Pastor Steve Best

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