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Jesus Saves A Paralytic

When The Body Moves - The Brain Remembers .. Interactive Stories Series

  1. The Storm at Sea
  2. Three Brave Men Show Faith in God
  3. Jesus and The Ten Lepers
  4. Paul and Silas
  5. Jesus Calls His Disciples
  6. Jesus Saves A Paralytic

Luke 5:17-26ASSIGN PARTS: Narrator, friend # 1, friend # 2, friend # 3, friend # 4, sick man, person in crowd # 1, person # 2, person # 3, person # 4.

Narrator: A sick man lay on his bed on the floor. He listened to the people as they walked past his little home in the city of Capernaum.

Friend # 1: Jesus is here in Capernaum.

Friend # 2: I can’t wait to go see Jesus!

Sick Man: I wish I could jump out of bed and go with everyone to see Jesus! I can’t even sit up or move my legs and arms. Do you think Jesus could help me?

Friend # 3: Yes, I think Jesus can help you!

Friend # 4: We’d like to take you to see Jesus.

Sick Man: I can’t go with you. You know I can’t even walk one step.

Friend # 1: We are going to carry you on your bed.

Narrator: Each of the four friends took a corner of the mat on which the man lay and carefully carried him out of the house. How warm and bright the sun seemed to the sick man! Very slowly the friends walked through the narrow streets until they came to the house where Jesus was. There was a great crowd of people in the house and all around outside.

Friend # 2: What shall we do now?

Friend # 3: There is not enough room for us to squeeze through the crowd.

Friend # 4: Perhaps if we wait until the crowd leaves, we can see Jesus.

Friend # 1: That will be very late. Our friend is not well enough to stay out here until evening.

Friend # 2: I have an idea! Let’s carry him up the outside stairs to the roof. Then we can open up the roof and see Jesus.

Friend # 3: That’s a great plan!

Friend # 4: I’ll make the hole in the roof. Will you help me lay aside the pieces of tile so the roof can be replaced later?

Friend # 1: I’ll help you with that.

Friend # 2: I’ll start tying the ropes to the corners of the mat so we can let our friend down in front of Jesus.

Person # 1 in Crowd: Look!

Person # 2 in Crowd: There’s a person coming down through the roof on his bed mat!

Narrator: Jesus looked up at the four men on the roof and then at the man on the floor. He could see that the four men had faith to believe He would help their friend. Then He said to the man, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”

Person # 3 in Crowd: Only God can forgive sins.

Person # 4 in Crowd: Yeah! I don’t like this.

Narrator: Jesus knew what they were thinking. He asked them a question. “Is it easier to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Take up your bed and walk’?” Then He said to the man, “:Get up, take your mat and go home.”

Sick Man (Jumping to his feet): Jesus has forgiven my sins! I’m so happy. Jesus has made me well. Thank you, Jesus.

© by Betty Robertson
Creative Christian Ministries


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