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Armor of God

My husband and I are involved in motorcycling and have found that a good way of teaching about the Armour of God is to use the clothing we wear on the motorcycle.

Children love to be involved and the best way to involve the children is to pick one from the group to come up front. This child will be dressed in the clothing as the teaching begins.

For the helmet of Salvation, of course we put the motorbike helmet on the child’s head with the visor up, so he/she can see the children in front of them. The helmet is too big for them and is funny, but it gives you a chance to explain how important a helmet is in protecting your head, as is the helmet of salvation in protecting your thoughts.

The breast plate of righteousness is the motorbike jacket, which again is way too large for the child. Again you explain the significance of wearing the jacket, and then explain the significance of the breast plate of righteousness from the scripture.

The belt of truth – put on a tough looking belt, again explain from scripture its significance.

The shoes of peace – put on the motorcycle boots, again explaining from scripture.

The sword of the spirit which is the word of God, of course is the Bible. In our case we use a special Biker’s Bible, which slips into the top pocket of the motorbike jacket.

The shield of faith – we shut the visor on the helmet – this gets a good laugh, and then you have the opportunity to explain the scripture.

At the end of the lesson, we ask the children to applaud the child up front and then we give the child a copy of the Bikers Bible for them to keep.

This is an excellent way for children to remember how important it is to dress daily in the armour, as important as it is for a motorcyclist to dress in the correct clothing.

by Linda Hunter

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