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Prayer Heart

We start our Bible study classes by using a "Prayer Heart" to teach my students that we must have an ongoing relationship with God in our own voice not someone else’s voice. I made a large heart shape out of a 8 1/2 by 11 dry-erase plastic poster board and every week one of my students writes down all the prayer requests that all of us (including me) have for God. Then that student uses the heart and includes the requests in a prayer to open up our class. I give a few minutes for a testimony (if any – including myself) and then we start our lesson for the evening. This has been an activity that our teen class has adopted as well. I have found that it has helped my students feel comfortable in praying they also like reading the Word not only for our class but for Worship service when called on. Sometimes if a student is upset with another, they will stop the class and we will pray about it. They are seeing that prayer works! by Valerie Jackson

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