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Faith Fall

Teach a lesson using Proverbs 3:5,6 as your text. Describe how easy it is for us to lean to our own understanding instead of relying on God’s higher thoughts and higher ways. Have children describe times when it was difficult to trust someone else. Have them also describe times when they were let down after trusting someone. Remind them that God is not like man. God will never let them down. He will never leave them nor forsake them.

After the lesson have a student volunteer to stand on top of a table (two adult assistants are required for this). Make sure you and your assistant spot the child so he/she does not fall. Once the child is on the table, have him/her turn around so their back is facing the audience. Tell the child that he/she is going to fall straight backward, and that you and your assistant will catch him/her (link hand with your assistant or designate which person will catch the body/legs, etc.). Reassure the child that you will catch him/her, and that they should let go fully and completely trust you. Once the child makes the FaithFall and you catch him/her, he/she will truly know what it is like to let go of his/her own understanding and to trust. You may catch all the children if you have time. Even try catching each assistant if you have enough strong help. NOTE: This only works if you CATCH EVERY CHILD! No mistakes allowed! by Mark A. Koogler, Jr.

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