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The Biggest Party Ever!

(15 minutes)

Excuse Maker 1
Excuse Maker 2
Excuse Makers 3 (Jack and Jill)
6 people from the audience

Table with table cloth
Party hats/plates
Party Poppers
Servant Outfit
Two phones
Two pails
Jesus told a story to some people he was eating with. He said, a certain man was preparing a great party and invited many guests.

Man and servant begin to set up the table with the table cloth, party hats, plates, party poppers, etc.

This is going to be the biggest and best party ever! Let’s make sure I have everything. (Checks off items on the clipboard) Party hats, food, games, prizes…sent out invitations. Looks like the party is all ready.

(Speaking to the servant) Go and tell everyone I invited that the party is ready to begin!

Oh boy this is going to be so much fun! (Man leaves the stage)

Pick up phone and calls the first person…..

Excuse maker 1
Hello, this is Ive Neverseen…

Hello…I’m just calling to let you know that the party is ready to begin…

Excuse maker 1
Oh yes the party, right…well you know it just so happens that I just bought a house and need to to go see it right now…sorry.

Oh…all right goodbye. (As soon as the servant hangs up the phone a person comes walking by with a bike.)

Oh you must be coming to the party. Good, It’s ready to begin!

Excuse maker 2
Well, actually I just baught this bike from Walmart and I need to ride it right now…(hops on bike and rides away)

(After looking in the direction the biker just went in the servant turns and sees two more people who were invited to the party walking toward him)

Hello Jack and Jill, Certainly you two are coming to the party!?

Excuse Makers 3
(Obviously in love, staring into each others eyes, holding hands)

Well you know the incident I had when I fell down the hill while fetching a pail of water and Jill came tumbling after, well, we fell in love and got married so we can’t come to the party. (Turning to Jill) Right sugar dumpling…

He is sooo cute (both begin kissing)

You know what I love?….You (begin kissing again)

(Servant turns away in disgust and procedes back to the table)

(Coming out to meet the servant) Where is everybody? Everything is ready!

No one you invited could come

What! But this is the biggest and best party ever. I planned it just for them…well if they won’t come we will throw this party for anyone who will…go and bring in anyone who wants to come

(servant goes out into the audience and picks children to sit at the table. Once the children are seated at the table both the servant and man begin popping the party poppers)

Jesus has a party waiting for us in heaven and he wants his house to be full. You can help by bringing your friends to him.

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