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We Color God’s World

As a devotional, I bought a cheap box of crayons, gave each child one and told them to draw a circle, then I asked them to color the circle, and when they were finished , I asked them how many stayed in the lines, they raised their hands, and then i told them that was exactly what God wanted us to do with our lives, is to stay in the lines, sometimes we may get out of line, but God is always there to put us back on the right path, then I had them to break the crayon into, and when they did that, i then asked them to put it back together, and of course they couldn’t, but then i told them, wasn’t it wonderful that we didn’t have to rely on tape or anything else to fix our lives, that all we need is Jesus and he will always fix the things that are broken in our lives, This message raised lots of questions, and several students wanted to "Fix" their lives, i hope if you use this lesson you will get good results also…

by Betty Leitch

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