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The Supernatural

This lesson is centered around 24 hrs in the life of Jesus. Starting from Mathew 14 verse 15 to 36. Where Jesus fed the five thousand, walked on the water, then at Gennesaret on the other side of the lake where everyone who was sick was brought to Jesus, they begged him to be allowed to touch his clothing believing they would be healed.

These 3 events can be told with great dramatization and acting out. Because the children’s hearts are soft they are ready at the end to ask Jesus into their lives. They are ready after learning that this Jesus died for them so that they could receive forgiveness for the wrong they have done. Children are so ready to embrace the supernatural, we need to give them the real thing.

While telling them about Jesus I have a puppet coming up in the puppet theater to make appropriate comments. eg. when the disciples saw Jesus walking towards them on the water they screamed with fear, the puppet screams and tells me how terrified she is.

She also asks me at the end if she can pray, and have Jesus in her life.
The children are very ready to respond. The verse I use with this is Hebrews chp.13 v 8, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

by Christine Staben

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