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You Can’t Please Everyone

When working with a new group, I’ll often use this example for the first meeting, to show that you can’t please everyone, but that when we all work together, we can do good. A really creative person might tie in a Bible lesson here … that God is the ONE way…

I’ll bring the ingredients (or ask the members to each bring one thing)… raisins, peanuts, M&M’s, small pretzels, nuts, red hots, big sprinkles, banana chips, etc. The more variety the better. Then, I’ll use a big bowl and start asking for votes. Okay, who likes raisins? Of course, you’re going to get one person that will say no. Put the raisins aside and go on to the M&M’s, etc., asking each time. When you get to the end of all your ingredients, you’ll probably have an empty bowl or maybe one or two things in it. Talk about how as a group, there will be times you’ll be doing activities or learning things that might not be exactly what you want to be doing at that moment, but how we all need to work together to accomplish our goals. Mix up all the ingredients and let people scoop out some into plastic baggies. They can pick and choose what they want from their own bag.

This is also a great way to find out if you have kids with food allergies … especially with the nuts. Be sure to ask parents to let you know.

You could also use this as a body of Christ message, how we all are parts of the whole, but together we make something good.

by Ginger Lewis

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