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Need Directions?

Text (Psalm 1:6) God charts the road you take. (The Message-Eugene Peterson)

Thought starters
It’s almost the time for summer fun. School is almost over. How many days do you have left?

What are your plans when school is finished? Summer is a busy time and goes by quickly.

Does your family have any vacation plans? Where will you go? How do you get there? How do you know it’s the right way?

What would your parents do if you got lost on the way there?

Maybe your father or mother would get out one of these. (map) Would this map help you on your road to somewhere in Michigan? This map helps keep you on the right road.

Summer is so busy that it’s possible you won’t get to church as often as other times of the year.

Does God take the summer off from keeping an eye on you?

Psalm 1 verse 6 in the Bible tells us, God charts the road you take. Another word for chart is map.

How can we, even when we are away from church stay in touch with what God is mapping out for us?

By praying and reading the Bible. It helps you stay on the right road, even when you feel you are too busy. Remember, God charts the road you take. Keep this map guide with you (Bible) this summer and always.

Hymn "Be thou my vision"-Mary E. Byrne

Prayer-Dear God, thank you for giving us the fun of summer, remind us to keep in touch with you these special days and always. Amen

Prop-A state map

William Bode, Director of Children’s Ministries

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