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Who Deserves More?


3 ‘Daisy chains of paper clips. One with 40 clips hooked together one with 15 hooked together and one with 5 hooked together.

Three one dollar bills

Begin a bible story, but before you do say I have this chain of paper clips, Pull out the chain of 40 and say this really annoys me. I hate when my paperclips are all stuck together like this. Will someone please take them apart for me? I’ll pay you for it after I finish my lesson. start your lesson, but part way through say Oh, here’s another chain. Do I have another volunteer? I’ll pay you in a minute. hand that person the 15 clip chain. Continue on then say oh, here’s one more chain, someone wanna help me, I’ll pay you for it in a minute too. Finish your story then ask for the first person with the 40 paper clips. Tell her thank you and hand her one dollar bill, have her stand right there. Do the same with the second and third person, giving each a dollar bill. then ask the first person Do you think it’s fair that you did more work than the other two and they got the same amount of money you did? ask the second the same question then say You know this is sort of like being a christian. Place hand on first child’s head Let’s say she became a Christian early in life and worked her entire life for the glory of God. What is her final reward? wait for the answer..she’ll go to heaven. Then move to the second child and say He became a Christian later in life and worked every day of the rest of his life for the glory of God, will he get the same reward? wait for the ‘yes’ then ask What is his final reward? wait for he gets to go to heaven. Then move to the last child and say she became a Christian in her last few days of life, but she lived and worked those final days to the glory of God. What is her reward? Wait for ‘gets to be in heaven’ or something similar and finish with It doesn’t matter how old you are when you finally give your life to Christ. You can be a child or teen or young adult, mother father, grandfather, or great grandfather. It’s how you live and work the days after giving your heart to Christ that matters. God rewards all those who follow him the same way. You get to live with him in heaven.

Close with a prayer.

by Melissa Murphy

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