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Teach Children to Witness

We are a church with about 35-40 young people. Our church is truly blessed because we are not a big church we only have about 150 members. Back at the beginning of the new term when the Lord spoke to my heart about taking the Junior class ages 10-12 year olds he also laid on my heart to teach them something about witnessing to others. So from September to February this idea just stayed in my mind with a prayer that if this was what the Lord wanted and not just something I thought would be fun for the kids he would have to show me how to do it (because I’m not creative at all). At the beginning of February he laid a lady of the church on my heart to ask if she would help me write the skit. She had written our Christmas play several years ago. So we got together and prayed and passed ideas back and forth until we felt we had laid out what the Lord wanted presented. We made up several scenes one was in a school yard a boy who was a nerd and the other kids made fun of him (with someone helping him). Another was three boys that was going to go home with each other to play video games until one of them gets a better offer to go to a party. Another scene was at the party where 2 different people who went to church and professed to be Christians went. One was lied to and the other was not about there being drugs and drinking. The Lord told the one that was told the truth to not go to the party. At the party the one that was lied to once they found out what was going on they left. Someone else asked for a ride home because they didn’t want to be there either (see why the Lord didn’t tell this one not to go). The one that stayed and the Lord tried to tell to leave several times was caught in the raid even through they were not drinking or doing drugs they still had to pay the price. At the end we went back to the boy that was befriended in the school yard at graduation. He was valedictorian and he explained how that person and him asking him to church changed his life. We had a church scene where people in the previous scenes had asked people to church. We used a real preacher so that if the Lord had been pulling on heart strings that we would be ready. At the end of this skit we saw 5 of our young people saved. In each scene we took verses from the bible that would fit each situation and had the voice of God talk to each of our young people to show that small still voice. We also showed who was a good witness and a bad witness. We did this to show it’s not necessarily what we say but what we do that people listen to the most. Even though the Devil tried to stop us many times the Lord prevailed. GOD IS STILL IN THE SAVING BUSINESS.

by Tammy Baggett

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