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New Life

This lesson goes for 2 weeks, good for holiday fun.
On the first week tell the children that they are going to make 2 Easter egg Piñatas using 2 balloons and paper mache.

As they wrap newspaper around the balloons explain to them that is how Jesus was wrapped in His grave clothes. About 3-4 days later invite the children back to paint the Easter piñatas in rich, bold colours explaining that the tomb Jesus was laid in belonged to a kind man who did not want to see Jesus be eaten by wild animals. When the children are not there fill 1 piñata up with Easter eggs and leave 1 empty. On the 7th day when the children come back, get them to smash open the empty piñata. When it has been opened and you see how disappointed they are, tell the story of when Mary went down to the tomb and discovered that Jesus was there she was shocked and sad, just like how they are with the piñata being empty.

Bring out the full piñata and get the children to smash it open, once open let them collect their eggs with excitement.

Finish by telling them how Jesus appeared to his Disciples and promised them the Holy Spirit, that by rising from the dead if we accept him into our hearts we also will be alive once more. Explain that the Easter eggs are a symbol for us to remember that we have been given new life through Jesus Christ.

by Lami Hamood

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