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Abraham’s Call – Following God’s Direction

SUPPLIES: rebus pictures (Red-Hot Rebus is available in the Outlet Mall area of our site and can be used with a PowerPoint presentation or whatever program you like to use for graphics.)

(Throughout the story pause and show the children a rebus picture. The children will solve the rebus picture to determine the key word to continue the story. From the first picture the children determine who the story is about by showing the rebus of “Abraham.”)

Abraham was living in the land of Haran with his family. God spoke to him and told him to leave his country and his relatives and go to the land He would show him. (Show the rebus of the word “nation.”) God said that He would make Abraham a great nation, bless those who bless him, curse those who curse him, and the whole earth would be blessed through him. (Show the rebus of the word “Lot.”) Abraham obeyed God, took his wife, Sarai, his servants, his possessions, and his nephew Lot and set out for the land God had promised.

However, after a certain amount of time, a famine came to their land and Abraham took his household to Egypt. (Show the rebus of the word “life.”) Trusting God isn’t always easy. It takes hard work to have faith and trust God in difficult times. Even Abraham at times didn’t fully trust God to help him get safely to the promised land. There were times that he was afraid for his life. He thought that Pharaoh would kill him to take his beautiful wife, Sarai. Unfortunately, Abraham asked Sarai to lie and say she was his sister. Pharaoh took her to his palace. Though Abraham made this mistake, God protected him by sending diseases on Pharaoh’s household. Pharaoh realized that Sarai was Abraham’s wife and gave her back, along with many animals and servants. Tell the children that after the problem in Egypt, Abraham took his family to the land of Negev.

(Show the rebus for the word “together.”) Because Abraham and Lot each had so many flocks and herds, the land could not support the two families if they stayed together. Abraham told Lot to pick the land on his right or left and Abraham would take what was left over. Lot picked the best looking land for himself, a land that looked like a well watered garden. Though Lot chose what he thought was best, he had actually chose to live near the two most wicked cities on the whole earth. He would eventually lose his wife and everything he owned because of his selfish choice. Abraham, however, chose to stay in the land of Canaan that God had called him to. (Show the rebus for the word “see.”) After Lot went to his new land, the Lord told Abraham to look as far as he could see in every direction. Everything Abraham could see would be his land forever. God also said that his descendants would be more than what could even be counted.

That was quite a promise for a man who left his hometown and country to follow God to a place that he didn’t know existed. Abraham did become the father of many nations and has more descendents than anyone could ever count. Abraham had such incredible promises come true was because he obeyed the call God had given to him. Abraham was willing to do whatever God asked of him and follow whatever directions God gave him for his life. When we choose to follow whatever directions God gives us for our lives, even if we aren’t sure how everything will work out, God will be faithful to direct our paths and make all His promises come true.

There is a Prayer Time on “Seeking God’s Direction” that is also available in the Vault.

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