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Easter Sunday – An Old World Record

Text-(Acts 10: 30-40) “We are witnesses of everything he did in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem. They killed him by hanging him on a tree, but God raised him from the dead on the third day and caused him to be seen” (New International Version)

Thought starters
What do I have here? (The Guinness Book of World Records)Do you have this book?Have you read this book?What are your favorite categories?(I read a couple the items that both the adults and kids find interesting) I end up reading the Medical Marvels section.

The Categories
The oldest patient to undergo an operation.Most heart stoppages in an operation.Longest heart stoppageLongest time survived without a pulse (read this whole section).Then I say to the kids “pretty amazing stuff”. Where in here (Guinness Book) does it mention… “Making blind people see?” Making people who can’t walk, walk? Raising Lazarus from the dead?The real world record is Jesus. God raised Jesus from the dead, without special blood pumps. That is what we are celebrating today, his resurrection.Jesus also has a hand in every one of these and other Medical Marvels.

Hymn-“Rejoice, Give Thanks, and Sing” – Charles Wesley

Prayer- Dear God, Thank you for the resurrection of Jesus, and all the Medical Marvels he performed and for his healing hand today. Amen

Props-Recent copy of “Guinness World Records” (I used the 2002 version)

William Bode, Director of Children’s Ministries

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