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What Happened at the Cross (Easter/Salvation)

For this close-up illustration you will need a little coloured water, a saucer, a short candle, a glass, a coin and matches.

Presentation. Tell the children that you are going to explain to them what happened at the cross of Jesus.

Explain the following:
– that the coin represents you or me – place it in the saucer, towards the edge.
– that the coloured water represents our sins – pour it into the saucer until the coin is submerged.
– that the candle represents Jesus – stand it at the centre of the saucer, and light it.
– that the flame represents the life of Christ.

Tell the children to watch carefully, as you take the glass and place it over the lighted candle. Within a few seconds, the flame will consume all the oxygen in the glass and be extinguished. However, it will have created a vacuum which, in turn, will draw the water up inside the glass (thus surrounding the candle) and leave the coin dry.

Recap that on the cross, Jesus gave up His life (the flame went out) so that he could take our sins on Himself, and we could go free.

by Maurice Sweetsur, http://objectlessons.blogspot.com/

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