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New Perspective Walk

When teaching about God’s creation, have kids think of it from a new perspective. Pretend you have all been shrunk to the size of a bug. Go on a pretend walk, and while you are walking ask kids for responses and ideas on how to solve problems. For example: You begin your walk in the grass; what would it be like to walk through the grass if you were that small?(response) Start pretend walking while pushing large stalks of grass aside. Oh, oh! You hear a sound – a thump thump thump, thump thump thump. You had better hide! Where could you hide if you were that small? (response) Okay – hide! Watch as a large beetle runs by. Whew. That was close. Start walking again. The wind is blowing, what would that feel like! (response) Start swaying in the gust. Wow! Look up. What do you see? (response) Keep walking. Now you have come to a stream. Hmmm. You could step over it when you were big, but now it is really deep. How will you get across? (get ideas from kids) Pick one and pretend to do it. Lay down to rest. A butterfly flies over. What does it look like? (response) etc. Continue the walk as long as you like. Add animals, bugs, different things God has created and decide what they would look or feel like if you were tiny. What obstacles would you come across? End by making it home to your (very large) front steps. How would you climb them? Once at the top relax. You made it.

Laura Ferguson

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