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Hints About Flowing In The Supernatural

I don’t claim to have all of the answers about the supernatural power of God. I have been privileged to sit under the ministry of many who are attuned to the voice of God and flow in His Spirit’s anointings and giftings. I was raised in a church where the pastor who so passionate about a relationship with the Holy Spirit that I often heard him say, “I wouldn’t cross the street without the Holy Spirit.” Pastor Hankins was like Kathryn Kuhlman when she said, “He (the Holy Spirit) is more real to me than you are.” Being in this atmosphere for the first 20 years of my life greatly impacted my life and ministry!

Here are some nuggets that I’ve learned about flowing with the Holy Spirit:
* Contrary to some wacky theology, the Holy Spirit is not a tongue. He is a person … a person who thinks, feels, and manifest His presence in a very real, tangible way.

* You’ll never have to wonder if the Person of the Holy Spirit is present. He is an extrovert who loves to make His presence known!

* The Holy Spirit is so desirous of an intimate relationship with you. He longs for conversation with you.

* The closer your relationship is with Him, the more intimate His voice will be with you. In other words, the further that you are from Him, the louder that His voice must be. When you are up close and passionate, His voice will become just a mere whisper.

* Conversing with the Holy Spirit isn’t restricted to just a church setting. He longs for you to talk to Him throughout your day. Talk to Him. Ask Him questions. Why? Because Jesus said that this Paracletos is called to walk alongside you. You wouldn’t dare ignore someone who is sitting beside you in your vehicle. You wouldn’t keep the radio playing for the whole trip. Instead, you’d converse with them. This Person, the Holy Spirit, desires to become so real … to quotes Kathryn … “He (the Holy Spirit) is more real to me than you are.”

* The more intimate that you become, the greater that His anointings and giftings will become in your life. Why? Because He desires to flow through you. (1 Corinthians 12 & 14).

* His giftings aren’t reserved for the 5 fold ministry office. There’s not a single verse to substantiate that. He desires for the Gifts of the Spirit to manifest in those who have drawn nigh to Him. That means that Royal Ranger and Missionette leaders can be mightily used by the Holy Spirit. Wouldn’t it be radical to have your 5-year-old class teacher to allow the Holy Spirit to flow through them and impact their entire class?

* There’s much more to share … I’ll do that at the Ignite Conference. DO NOT COME ALONE! The fire … the passion … the impartation …. MUST be caught by your leaders. Some things are better caught than taught. Listening to a CD or watching a DVD at times is just a poor substitute for being under the spout where the glory was poured out. Sacrifice. Ask your staff to sacrifice if necessary to be here. Again I say, DO NOT COME ALONE! I’m bringing at least 25 of my staff. I can’t even imagine what will happen in my Royal Rangers, Missionettes, Sunday School classes, and children’s church after this conference!!!


Billy Burns, www.billyburnsministries.com

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