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Priorities For Planning A Service

Hi Everyone! We are Richard and Jackie Gillespie and we serve the Lord as Sparrow Chalk Art Ministries . We have been serving the Lord for over 10 years as a Children’s Evangelism outreach. We have been Children’s Directors and Bible School Directors and the Lord has given us some interesting and exciting ideas that we hope you can use and it will be a blessing to you and your kids. In our ministry, it is just the two of us and we present VBS programs and Kids’ Crusades.

I guess the first place to start is the motivation of what you want to shar e with the kids. No matter what our theme or picture we always find a way to present the Gospel. Let’s face, it in the age in which we live, we might not be sharing with the same group twice ever again.

· Our first priority is to work out some way in which, at the close of the session, to present the Gospel.

· Second priority is to be flexible to the Holy Spirit’s leading. We have been side-tracked by the Spirit and seen the Lord bring an adult to salvation, in just a children’s Bible session.

· Third priority is to keep it simple. Remember that the Lord himself used simple illustrations to communicate His love and, to that end, we use a ton of object lessons. They leave an impression on the heart and a seed for the Lord to use then or later. Be very visual in whatever you do.

· Fourth and last, is to have fun! If the kids don’t see you having fun, they won’t have fun either. It’s OK to be a little silly; it gets your audiences’ attention and you can get on the same level as the ones to whom you are ministering, too.

Hopefully in the next few articles we can share with you some organization and creative ideas to help you serve Christ and His Kids.

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Richard and Jackie Gillespie Richard and Jackie Gillespie spent 10 years as VBS Directors in their church and the past 5 years as Children’s Evangelists. Their focus is on Special Event Ideas, Creative Salvation Stories, Wild Object Lessons, and blacklight chalk art drawing. www.Sparrowchalkart.com

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