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This is a simple little puzzle that always stumps the audience. You lay four matches on the table in a cross pattern and then ask a volunteer if they can make a square by moving one match only. They will strain the brain trying to figure this out until you show how it’s done…And it can be done!

Please forgive my lousy artwork but I think you’ll get the idea. You need four wooden matchsticks. Lay them on the table in the following pattern. Notice that the matchstick on the right is butting up against the end of the matchstick on the left. Then the top and bottom matchsticks are up against the distal end of the right matchstick.

When you want to make the square, all you do is carefully pull the right matchstick out to the right a wee bit and the square will appear inside the area between the four matchsticks!

You can use this silly puzzle to talk about many things; for example:
• When you fell “boxed in” trust in Jesus to get you through those “tight spaces.”
• Don’t be a square, trust in God.
• Don’t try to fit in with the crowd. Stand out as a Christian.
Use you imagination – there are zillions of ways to use this and you can do it anywhere!

by George Sprague

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