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A Smoother Way To Perform – Good Kids, Bad Kids

"Good Kids, Bag Kids" is a great card trick manufactured by Dock Haley Gospel Magic. It is unique among card tricks for the lesson it teaches. The handling, as provided in the instructions with the trick, is excellent if practiced and done smoothly; however, there are two weak points in the original handling that can be improved upon.

In the instructions provided with the trick you are to remove the double-faced "Bad Kids" card place it between the two regular "Good Kids" cards, and then do likewise by placing the double-faced "Good Kids" card between the two regular "Bad Kids" cards. You then turn over one of the regular cards onto the double-faced card, square up the three cards and turn the packet over. When you again fan the cards and turn the regular card back to face-up position; Viola! The card has changed!

A sharp observer is going to wonder why you had to turn the packet over, and because of the nature of the move, there is a lot of suspicion directed toward that middle card. Your spectator’s might suspect that it is a double-faced card for these two reasons.

Alas, there is a way to get the same result without turning the packet over, and take the suspicion off the middle card. How do we do that?

You guessed it; the Double-Lift!

Place the cards into two rows as follows:

• Row 1: regular Good Kid, double-faced Good Kid with Good Kid showing, regular Good Kid.
• Row 2: regular Bad Kid, double-faced Bad Kid with Bad Kid showing, regular Bad Kid.

Now, take the double-faced Good Kid, and instead of putting it between the two regular Bad Kid cards, put it to the right of the two regular cards. You now have a row showing regular Bad Kid, regular Bad Kid, and double-faced Good Kid.
Do the same with the double-faced Bad Kid and the two regular Good Kid cards.

Next, pick up the two regular Bad Kid cards in your left hand, square them, getting a pinky break under the top card. Then place the double-faced Good Kid card on top. Now, double-lift the top two cards as one and flip them over.

When you again fan the cards, the right-most card will be facing-down. Turn it back face-up and all three cards will appear to be Bad Kids.

You didn’t have to turn the packet over. Your spectators were suspicious of the right-most card, which you have shown both sides of now, and the heat is off the center card (although it is, in fact, the double-faced card which is now back where it started).

Do exactly the same thing with the other three cards; the Good Kids cards.

The patter remains the same as in the original instructions.

by George Sprague

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