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Making Bible Memorization Fun

Pupils learn more when they enjoy what they are doing. Making Bible memorization a fun experience ensures pupils develop a positive attitude toward God’s Word.

Memorization should not be an isolated activity. Use a verse in varied ways with the framework of the pupil’s total learning activities. As the pupils have repeated contacts with the verse, they will memorize it, almost without realizing what they are doing.

BALLOON POP: Blow up long balloons and write the day’s memory verse on slips of paper. Insert into the balloons. Child # 1 pops a balloon and reads the verse. Child # 2 pops a balloon and reads the verse with Child # 1. Child # 3 pops a balloon and all three read the verse together. By the time all balloons have been popped in this manner, the verse for the day will have been memorized!

BIBLE PASS: Seat the children in a circle and give one child a Bible. Start music playing. Children pass the Bible until the music stops. Whoever is holding the Bible and the child on his/her right and left say the verse together. Continue until the verse has been repeated several times.

BIBLE VERSE FUN : Write each word of the Bible verse on a 3" x 5" card. Put the reference on a separate card. Make two sets. Divide the class into two teams. Place a set of word cards on the floor in front of each team; mix them up. At a signal, the first child on each team gets the card with the first word on it, runs to the goal line, and puts the card down. The second team member gets the card with the second word, runs to the goal line, and places it to the right of the first card. Continue until one team has all of its cards in correct order. Give time for the other team to complete their verse. Say the verse in unison.

BIBLE VERSE VIDEO RECORDING : Children enjoy seeing themselves on video. Divide the children into teams of 3 or 4 and have them quote the Bible verse for the day while someone records on video. Play it back.

BIBLE WORM: Make a segmented worm from construction paper, by drawing circles (tracing around the bottom of a glass works great!). Put a eyes and a smile on one for the head. Write the verse, one word per segment, on the "worm". Hand out segments of the worm to class members and have them put it in order. Say the verse together each time.

CALL TWO: Have each child write his/name on a 3" x 5" card and put it into a box. Choose a student to pick out two names from the box. These two pupils stand and say the verse together. Pick another child to pull out two more name cards; they read the verse. Continue until all of the name cards have been used. Then have all the pupils say the verse in unison several times.

CUP TAKE AWAY: Use Styrofoam cups. Print one word of the Bible verse on each cup. Line them up on a table in the correct order. Choose on pupil to take away one cup. Everyone in the class says the verse. Choose another child to take away another cup. Continue saying the verse until there are no more cups left and it is being quoted by memory.

"EVERYONE WHO …" GAME: "Everyone who has a pet at home stand and say the verse." "Everyone who likes to play soccer, stand and kick your right leg back and forth while saying the verse." "Everyone who plays a musical instrument, stand and raise both arms toward the ceiling while you say the verse." "Everyon who loves summer vacation, stand and face the back of the room while waving both arms to the side and quote the verse."

NERF BALL THROW: Have the children stand in a circle. Choose one to be "It." "It" and the pupil on his right and left say the verse together. "It" throws the ball to a class member. That person becomes "It" and the verse is quoted in the same manner.

NUMBER CALL: Assign each child a number, by writing it on the palm of their hand. Have children stand in a circle. Call out 3 numbers. They go to the center of the circle and quote the Bible verse.

SIGN THE VERSE: The American Sign Language web site has a standard dictionary to learn the basic finger shapes. You can also type in any word, and they will convert it into finger spelling with an actual visuals to help you learn, so you can then teach your children.

TAKE AWAY: Turn paper cups bottom-side up. Use markers to write a word from the Bible verse on each cup. Place cups in the correct order and read the verse. TAke away one cup. Ask children to recite the scripture. Continue until all cups are gone and the veerse is said from memory.

THAT’S NOT RIGHT: Divide the children into pairs. Let each pair take turns telling a puppet the Bible verse for the day. The puppet will repeat the verse back incorrectly. When this happens, the pair must say, "That’s not right," and say the verse correctly. Have another pair go to the puppet stage and continue until all have had a turn.\

VERSE-ER-CISE: Do exercises while saying the verse.

VERSE TAG: The teacher starts by quoting the Bible verse. He/she then tags a pupil. The two say the verse together. They join hand and tag another child. The three say the verse. Continue until all of the pupils have been tagged and the entire group is saying the verse.


This can often be done by using simple nursery rhyme tunes and piggy-backing the new words to the familiar music.

Genesis 1:1 (Tune: Three Blind Mice)
In the beginning, in the beginning
God created, God created
The heavens and the earth
The heavens and the earth
Genesis 1:1; Genesis 1:1.

Romans 12:9 (Tune: Are You Sleeping?)
Hate what is evil, hate what is evil
Cling to what is good, cling to what is good.
Hate what is evil, cling to what is good.
Roamns 12:9; Romans 12:9.

Psalm 56:3 (Tune: London Bridges)
When I am afraid I will trust in You
Trust in You, trust in You.
When I am afraid Iwill trust in You.
Psalm 56:3.

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