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Are You Ready – Salvation?

Items Needed: dry erase marker, white board

(Draw a seat belt.) If any of you knew that you were headed for danger, you would be sure to be ready. Here’s a seat belt. If you knew that when you got in the car today to go home, you were going to be in a terrible accident that would throw you through the windshield, you would be sure to wear your seat belt and be ready!

Seat Belt

(Draw life vest.) If you were going out in a boat on the ocean and knew that the boat was going to sink and you couldn’t swim, you would be sure to wear your life vest and be ready!

(Draw outline of house.) If you knew a hurricane was going to hit today, you wouldn’t go for a swim; you’d shut yourself up in your house and be ready!


(Draw flames.) It doesn’t make any sense, then, why someone would choose the danger of hell–never- ending fire made to torture Satan–when he or she could choose salvation through Jesus and go to heaven.


(Draw a cross.) Salvation through Jesus is the way to escape the danger of hell and be ready!

Idea by Gary R. Linn

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