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Strength From Being Together

Items Needed: thread, scissors

So why do we come to church anyways? What’s the point? We come to church to be together, to help each other, and to get strength. We get strength from being together. I need a volunteer to help me demonstrate this. I need you to put the inside of your wrists flat against each other.

(Cut off one piece of thread.) This one piece of thread is going to represent just one of you.

(Tie once around child’s wrists.) Let’s say you are at school. School is not always an easy place to be. There are a lot of kids who are jerks, for lack of a better term, and who just don’t know what they’re talking about. They like to cause you trouble. We’re going to assume that you are trying to follow God’s plan for your life and do right. Some of those kids aren’t going to like that. They may mock you and try to pressure you to do wrong. They may even tell you that you’re stupid for trying to do right.

(To volunteer…) I want you to try to snap that thread. (Thread breaks easily.) When you are by yourself, it’s easy to snap. It’s easy to give in to the pressure. It’s easy to fear. Now let’s re-tie your wrists, but wrap the thread around several times. In fact, let’s wrap it around once for every person here in this room, since this is your body, your church, your time to be together. Each wrap of thread represents each person here.

Let’s say you’ve been attending church every week so that you know these kids well. You’ve learned about God together. Now, when those other kids at school give you trouble again, it will be easier to do right. You’ll have more strength from having been together here at church. You won’t snap under pressure as easily.

(To volunteer…) Try now to snap the threads. Okay, good try. You see, after having been together, when those kids give you trouble, you’ll remember that you are not alone. You have these kids here who you know are on your side, who are your friends, who support and encourage you. They know, just like you do, that doing right is the right thing to do. You know you’re not alone, even if they aren’t right there with you. You have strength from the time you spend together in church receiving strength from God because you are a part of His family, this family.  (Carefully cut the thread with the scissors.)

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